Jun 7, 2011


June 7, In Ramleela Maidan Where Swamy Baba Ram Dev tried to make Sathya Graha against corruption and black money, was planned to burn down by Hindu Extremists (RSS and their outfits).

It has been said and believed to be the same nature of conspiracy where these extremists burnt down the Godhra Train which carried the Karsevaks and claimed more than 50 lives and created the violence against muslim community with State Government sponsorship.

Knowing this, secret police department cleared few group of people from the Maidan. The information from the secret police department is 100% true said the social activist Shabnam Azmi and he is the one who informed to the police he added.

These RSS activists planned to burn the Sathyagraha podium and then hurl the blame over muslim community or on any imaginary muslim orgnanization to massacre the muslim community as they have done successfully in Gujrath.

However a huge planned disaster against minority community has been thwarted. Since we gained freedom from Britishers, RSS and its several movements like Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, Hindu Munnani, Shiv Sena and lot more.... have lead innumerable riots succussfully... We would have been in a better position than any other country even better than China without these elements.

Our country would progress with no doubts if Saffron Terrorists are wiped out.

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Wow upgrated!! Keep it up!

-Hindustanka beta